Day of Action 2018

Cities: Cotonou, Porto – Novo, Savalou, Bohicon, Parakou and Kandi
Organisations: PERLE SOCIALE ONG, Association Nationale des Conseils d’Enfants du Bénin (ANACEB); Social Watch Bénin; Mairies; Commissariat de Police

The day was centred around 5 events: 1) Training of young people and children 2) Drawing contest 3) Advocacy caravan at police stations and in the courthouse 4) Radio programs 5) Visit to Savalou prison for exchanges with drug users.



Day of Action 2016

A conference was organised in Cotonou by the network Social Watch Benin and with the participation of government agencies and the media. The conference aimed to promote a new approach to drug policy based on human rights. For more information about the event, in French, please click here.