Day of Action 2018

City: Bujumbura
Organisations:ABS, ANSS, BAPUD, JCM and ABMPD

On 5th July, the organisers convened to host different activities to celebrate the international campaign “Support. Don’t Punish” on the theme: “Listen First”. Gitega was chosen because it is the second town in Burundi and has a great number of people who use drugs. 2 activities were planned on that day: A sensitisation work shop to celebrate the SDP campaign where presentations were given by the consultant OPC1 Dismas NTAKIBIRORA, Champion in the ministry of public security, who demonstrated to participants the different types of drugs in Burundi, the traffic and the harm of the drugs on the public health. Additionally, a football match was organised at Gitega Stadium where two teams, AMARAGO and Messager Gitega, played.



Day of Action 2017

A public event at Bujumbura Public Garden took place in the morning and included a peaceful demonstration and speeches – including from the Minister of Health.


Day of Action 2016

In Bujumbura, the ANSS organised a workshop entitled “Everything you need to know on drug use: Breaking the taboo to treat better”. The workshop was attended by officials from the Ministry of Health, of Justice, of Public Security, of Human Rights and of Gender. The ANSS also reached out to the media to share stories of people who use drugs and the consequences of repressive drug policies. GCAP also joined in, organising a woman football match on 26th June. The match was followed by a gathering to discuss drug policy.


Day of Action 2015

GCAP organised a football match with representatives from NGOs working on drug policy in the country in Rumonge town. The event included NGO representatives, local policy makers, religious leaders, and children’s, youth’s and women’s groups. The ANSS organised a day of exchange and awareness raising in Bujumbura around creating a health and human rights based approach to drug use, gathering health professionals, policy makers, prison officials, human rights advocates, NGOs and people who use drugs.