Day of Action 2018

City: Vienna

Organisations: SSDP

Our chapter is planning to spend the 25th and 26th creating some conscious street art along the Danube Channel where it is legal to spray paint the walls of the wharf – as a team.
In the evening, we would dedicate our monthly Film Club, the Psychedelic Cinema, to a harm reduction centered piece and host a debate/discussion round afterwards. These events are open to the public and we regularly have full house in our 70 seat venue, where we have a HR info booth (if we have personnel, also counselling) running throughout.
With some due planning, we are positive we could double the size of the audience so we are in touch with Himmel und Wasser (an open-air venue on the Danube Island) to host the screening and we can set up a larger info booth with interactive games, learn-while-haveing-fun activities centered around the Support Don’t Punish key messages.