Day of Action 2018

City: x
Organisations:Bridge Hope Health Organization

Using the [Self-]Support. Don’t Punish message, Bridge developed 16 banners and 500 flyers in English, Dari and Pashto. These were used for advocacy and awareness activities in the local community and in meetings with governments and other public authorities. Bridge urged authorities to endorse harm reduction, against the backdrop of coerced treatment, heavy criminalisation and discrimination, and continued community and police attacks on people who use drugs.

Media Coverage: During the campaign, 10 TV and radio news outlets were invited to report on the event and press releases were prepared and issued on the day of the event. Key Bridge personnel were prepared to speak to the media with the campaign and organisation’s advocacy messages.


Day of Action 2017

BHHO Bridge Hope Health Organization, a community based organisation, organised a street demonstration in a central location in Kabul, departing from the Pul-e Sukhta bridge (an open-air drug consumption site and home to marginalised people who use drugs). Banners with the campaign’s key messages were produced, and leaflets were distributed. The event also allowed BHHO to engage with new dwellers of the Pul-e Sukhta bridge.