Support. Don’t Punish at SSDP Nigeria’s event in Abeokuta

By Moronfolu Adeniyi (SSDP Nigeria)

Last May, Students for Sensible Drug Policy Nigeria, in partnership with Crescent University Faculty of Law, organised an event on “Decriminalizing Drugs In Africa: What Works?”. Top university officials and over 100 students came together to discuss the Support, Don’t Punish campaign as well as drug policies and opportunities for reform.

The event was held at Crescent University in Abeokuta, Nigeria, and included a debate on key issues affecting drug policy in Nigeria. In addition, a seminar took place to address solutions to the situation, with speakers from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and SSDP. Presenter shared ideas on how to support people who use drugs, how to access care, and the importance of ensuring drug policy legislation is humane and departs from overly punitive approaches.

The Deputy State Commander and Principal Staff Officer from Ogun State were also in attendance and a discussion was held on harm reduction practices and youth-centred and university-based drug policies. SSDP also started a campus group following its presentation and dialogue.

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