Day of Action 2018

City: Tangerang Selatan

Organisations: Banten Drug Policy Reform, Rumah Cemara, Rumah Asa, KSA, LBH Masyarakat (Law Agency), PKN Bogor, Tangerang Selatan Creative Foundation, Bina Muda Gemilang, Banten Pelangi, Wahana Cipta Indonesia, Ikatan Perempuan Positif Indonesia, CMC, Banten Methadone Patient, Pelita TangSel, Edelweiss, Bougenville, Taman Jajan Youth, Rumah Belajar, KomPas, KMKT, TangSel BMX, Tangerang Mural, Kapeta Foundation, Forum Akar Rumput Indonesia, Sinar Asia Perkasa.


The Campaign started officially at 13.00 (West Indonesia regional times), but before it the photography installation has already displayed. The campaign head committee together with General Coordinator of Banten Drug Policy Reform officially opened the campaign event. In the noon, together with the district health service and local peer support counsellor we held a mobile VCT while the art (music) perform. At first, our focus was to invite as many rock bands as possible e.g: Punk, HardCore, Metal, etc, as we believed they have the power to gather their masses. But, a few of them cancelled and then we had to change the strategy for the performer. Unexpectedly because we were able to invite a variety of artists of various genres, we had more attendees . We were able to pass our minimum 400 person participant target. There were almost 1000 people attend from all walks of life. Religious conservative and liberal. We have arts installation by photography, mural and graffiti, non formal perform by extreme sports friends, poem readings. We also had photo session using the main photo booth or other space at the venue that’s Instagramble. We optimised the use of social media and hashtag keyword not only using our official Banten SDP account, but also the participants personal account that was used for live broadcast to get the message to as many people as possible. Our main dialog session attract most of the attendees with the speaker and the theme title. The theme was: “Prison is not the solution. The speakers were  from: Resort Police Departement, District Narcotics commission, Law Agency, Communities (active drugs user) and drugs survivor (ex-user), families. Also most important we were able to invite and gather the mass media. We closed the event at 23.00 (Indonesian Regional Times) by reading together our Support Don’t Punish Declaration. 29 September 2018. “Dukung! Dukung! Dukung!



DPR Kampanye Edukasi Pulih Dari Kecanduan Narkoba

Di Taman Perdamaian DPR Gelar Kampanye Hak untuk Pulih dari Kecanduan Narkoba

Hak Untuk Pulih Dari Kecanduan Adalah Pemenuhan Hak Kesehatan Semua Orang

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