Day of Action 2018

City: Bucharest

OrganisationsRomanian Harm Reduction Network (RHRN)


    • In 2018, RHRN – Romanian Harm Reduction Network organised several events within Support. Don’t Punish campaign.
    • On June 26th, RHRN’s R3 – Revista de Reducere a Riscurilor/ R3 – Harm Reduction Journal was launched within the debate “Harm reduction, priority theme in Romanian society”. Ionut Alexandrescu, president of RHRN, moderated the panel around topics such as peer educators within harm reduction services, legislation for recreational cannabis users, alcohol use and services for people who abuse alcohol and connections between availability and costs of needle exchange programs, methadone treatment and HIV treatment. The event was attended by professionals working in the field and by the manager of Bucharest Ambulance Service.
    • For the evening of June 26th, RHRN also scheduled an open air projection of “A day in the life: the world of human who use drugs”, which was postponed due to weather conditions.
    • From June 27 to June 29, RHRN – Romanian Harm Reduction Network, ALIAT – Alliance for the Fight against Alcoholism and Addictions, ARAS – Romanian Association against AIDS and PARADA Foundation opened their doors for press and those interested in prevention, harm reduction and rational, human and evidenced-based policies regarding substance use. Open Doors’ motto was (L)egality for health – Drug addiction should be treated at the hospital, not in prison (attached the poster and the stickers).

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